Sometimes, YouTubers Can Make Good Music | ”Monopoly” by Matt Watson


Norene Bassin, Editorial Assistant

Matt Watson, half of the YouTube duo SuperMega, has gone solo once again. SuperMega has over 929,000 subscribers who tune in for their broad range of content. While the variety channel he shares with friend Ryan Magee keeps them both busy, Watson still finds time for music.

The music videos Magee and Watson post on SuperMega are comedic in nature, like “My Two Lovely Uncles” and “Skater Boy and Friendly Cop.” But Watson has his own alternative R&B/bedroom pop projects. He released his first EP, OUCH!, in September of 2020. His latest single “Monopoly” leans more into the R&B side of his music while keeping the jokes he’s known for.

“Monopoly” starts with a bedroom pop-type beat with synthpop elements as he begins to rap. Right off the bat, he establishes the absurd nature of his lyricism. 

Girl, you cute, but you know that I am cuter /

Don’t need to go outside /

Got all my friends on my computer.”

He goes on to sing about stealing your metaphorical girl, using some of my favorite lyrics ever written:

“I used to whip in my used Honda Civic / 

How ’bout you mind your business /

And go try to find some bitches.”

You can’t tell me that line doesn’t go hard.

The bridge keeps up with the same humor and bravado and mixes in a dash of self-deprecation:

“Yeah, I’m handsome like Mr. Clean /

Flaming like some kerosene /

Fresher than some Listerine /

Lookin’ like a string bean.”

Watson manages to combine such a refreshingly dreamy beat with such absurdly slick lyrics. The visuals in his music video perfectly complement the song with footage of Watson in a bathtub full of Monopoly money. Full of “deez nuts” and “9+10=21” jokes in the foreground, he can’t help but to reference his YouTube channel’s inside jokes. 

“Monopoly” is about living your best life, so I recommend listening to this song while doing something that makes you happy. Maybe even have fun playing some Monopoly with your best buds this weekend.