The State – 11/11/21

Rachel Fulton

Students suspended due to non-compliance with COVID-19 directives

16 students have been suspended for the rest of the fall semester for not following COVID-19 directives. There are more students whose cases are still working their way through the disciplinary process.

Students will not receive refunds of tuition, room, and board or other fees. Deputy spokesperson Dan Olsen said there are a number of meanings to “non-compliance.”

Olsen also stated that 90% or more of the students at MSU have reported they are fully vaccinated.

Additionally, two MSU employees, Mason County Extension educator D’Ann Rohrer and Video Producer Kraig Ehm, do not work for the university anymore. Olsen did not confirm a reason.

Ehm and Rohrer joined a class-action lawsuit against MSU on Friday. The two were added as plaintiffs to an amended complaint. On Oct.8, Norris was denied motion for preliminary injunction by U.S. District Judge Paul Maloney.

Jenin Younes from the New Civil Liberties Alliance, is the lead attorney who is representing Norris.

Alexandra Rivera given new associate dean role for MSU Libraries

Alexandra Rivera is the new Associate Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, and Organizational Development of MSU’s Libraries.

This new role will incorporate inclusion efforts and organizational changes outlined in the library’s 2019 strategic planning session.

Rivera will begin her role at MSU on Dec. 1, according to a press release announcing the hire.

Rivera is also the Senior Associate Librarian for Student Success and Community Engagement at the University of Michigan Library.

The Associate Dean position was created in order to extend the libraries’ inclusion efforts.

MSU Basketball Recap

Michigan State men’s basketball’s turnovers proved too much for the team to overcome against No.3 Kansas on Tuesday night in the Champions Classic.

Despite sophomore guard AJ Hoggard dropping a career high 17 points, the Spartans lost by 13 to the Jayhawks.

Final score was 87-74.

Based on original reporting by Morgan Womack and Drew Goretzka. Script by Shakyra Mabone.