Yes, That’s Right: Idris Elba | Apple Crumble – Lime Cordiale (feat. Idris Elba)


Alex Bocchi, Writer/Volunteer

A collaboration between British actor Idris Elba and pop rock band Lime Cordiale is exactly what I did not expect in 2021, a year with some of the best music releases we’ve heard in years.

Known for his action roles in Suicide Squad and Pacific Rim, Elba is known to act with a cold and cool demeanor and a deep British accent. In this light-hearted track, you hear a new side of the Brit with a cool R&B sound that brings a catchy rhythm. The Australian Duo, known as Lime Cordiale have produced many similar singles, but the new Idris vibe brings so much new energy.

When the song starts you can hear the duo singing about a man who kissed a girl and now he’s in trouble. After some catchy beats, Elba drops in and brings flow to the track trying to explain the situation with the girl. The fun ad-libs by Elba make the song a ton of fun to sing along with. Comically you eventually hear Elba’s partner or wife find out that he’s cheated, and the song switches to a mellow spacey beat where he must now apologize.

The song is a banger and Lime Cordiale has confirmed that they will be releasing a “Mini Album ” with Idris. I can’t wait to hear more of that Elba Flow!