A Tribute to a Dear Friend | “Beach Slumba” by Good Sniff


Alex Bocchi, Writer/Volunteer

Editor’s Note: This article contains mention of suicide

Today’s jam comes from the small Aussie band, Good Sniff and their new single “Beach Slumba.”

From the streets of Geelong, Australia, bass and drum duo Lachlan and Elias have joined the likes of The Chats, Skegss, and Pist Idiots in becoming the surf punk scene of Australia. Along with releasing their first EP on Spotify, Good Sniff has had the pleasure of finally being able to open at big concert venues in Australia. 

Their latest single was made by a former third member, Louie, who sadly passed due to suicide last April during the first lockdown in Australia. 

This is a special track to the band members and fans that know how important Louie was to the band. All the lyrics and instrumentals of the song were recorded by Louie during the lockdown, shortly before his passing. The tune is made up of a catchy guitar riff, and the rough vocals from Louie make the track even more personal. 

Despite the tragic backstory, the lyrics of the song are about having a good time with your mates at the beach. This is truly a song that would be a show to be seen in person. The initial build-up and then loud fast guitars would cause such a great mosh. It’s sure to become a hit as the Australians enter their summer months. 

The video released with the track was paired with a compilation of some silly videos of Louie and his bandmates. The song fits as a reflection of Louie himself, who loves banter and goofing around with his friends. 

The band has promised that all the money they make from this song will go to R U OK?, an excellent resource for mental health. So why not give it a couple of listens!