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Episode 12: Blasphemously Flustered

April 12, 2017

After a week hiatus and Zach’s DL stint ending a little early, the Coast to Coast squad is back and rowdy for another episode. This week features comparing Sergio Garcia to other figures in sports, a possibly rivalry between two ...

Episode 11: Sillynannies

March 27, 2017

The guys fly across the country to debate whether or not NBA players should be resting (and a possible solution), the Final Four and who has an advantage, and MLB opening day right around the corner. Get your tissues ready, too, as...

Episode 10: Hatin’ on the Jayhawks

March 22, 2017

Your favorite foursome is back and better than ever for another week of Globetrotters, Got Heem’s, Bye Bye Bye’s and more. The guys talk about the first weekend of the NCAA tournament and for some reason, Zach hates Kansas....

Episode 9: Coast-to-Coast Madness

March 15, 2017

The boys are back from spring break to break down this year’s NCAA Tournament and all things March Madness. They talk why their respective region is best, some upsets that’ll make you say “Got Heem,” debate how Michigan St...

Episode 8: Stardom in the Studio

February 28, 2017

The boys are back for their last episode before spring break. Zach debates Brendan’s case for LeBron James being the league MVP, Davey tries to get to the bottom of why the Daytona 500 isn’t reaching more people and more. ...

Episode 7: Bye Bye Boogie

Episode 7: Bye Bye Boogie

February 21, 2017

Episode 7: Bye Bye Boogie

February 21, 2017

The guys are back for another week of goofiness in the wide world of sports. They break down DeMarcus Cousins being traded to New Orleans, what the Pistons should do as the trade deadline approaches, will we see anything like Jarom...

Episode 6: Gettin’ Bamboozled

February 13, 2017

The boys are back for another week of globetrotters, Got Heem’s and more. They embrace debate on the state Big Ten basketball, the UConn women’s basketball team being one of the best dynasties of this generation, what’s wr...

Episode 5: Everybody against Everybody

February 7, 2017

On this episode of the Coast-to-Coast Report, Kyle, Davey, Zach and Brendan are a little mad at one another for reasons unbenounced to anybody. Topics include all things surrounding Super Bowl LI, D.C. sports being good all arou...

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