Provost Teresa Woodruff provides updates on summer classes, fall planning and more

MSU provost Teresa K. Woodruff/ Photo Credit: MSU University Communications

MSU provost Teresa K. Woodruff/ Photo Credit: MSU University Communications

Nathan Stearns, News Director

EAST LANSING— For the first time in school history, MSU students will be getting a fall break in 2021.

On Tuesday, Provost Teresa K. Woodruff announced that the break from classes would occur on Monday, October 25, and Tuesday, October 26 of 2021.  The university was scheduled to have a fall break this year but later decided to cancel it in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, Woodruff revealed that undergraduate students will once again have the Satisfactory/Non-Satisfactory grading option for summer classes. This option allows for all undergraduate students who get a 1.0 or above in a class to take the satisfactory option instead of the actual grade; it was made available to students during the entire 2020-21 school year.

However, this grading choice will not be available to graduate students for summer classes, and it is expected that the summer semester will be the last semester in which the S/NS grading selection is available.

Woodruff also confirmed that the university is planning for a more traditional, in-person class environment in the fall, as well as increased online and hybrid class offerings for those who prefer virtual learning. It is expected that classes that have hundreds of enrollees will continue to be offered online while more specialized upper-level courses are held in-person.