Lansing firefighter Michael Lynn dismissed after posting personal phone number of Lansing police chief


The East Lansing police force/ Photo Credit: MSU University Communications

Nathan Stearns, News Director

LANSING— Former Lansing firefighter Michael Lynn has been dismissed from the Lansing Fire Department after posting the personal phone number of Lansing police chief Daryl Green on Facebook. 

“The Lansing Fire Department followed the disciplinary process in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement,” Lansing Fire Chief Greg Martin said in a statement. “On February 17, 2021, the Lansing Fire Department completed their investigation and determined that Michael Lynn was in violation of various departmental policies. As a result, the decision has been made to terminate his employment.” 

Lynn has been in the news recently for suing Lansing Mayor Andy Shor and the Lansing Fire Department for racial discrimination. Part of Lynn’s suit alleges that other Lansing firefighters frequently commented on Lynn’s race and job qualifications, which led to a hostile work environment.  The suit mentions that discrimination escalated until there was a banana left on the windshield of his truck. Lynn also alleges that the city and the Fire Department punished him for sharing his concerns.

He released Green’s personal number after the Lansing Police Department created a Facebook post honoring the memory of K9 Sabre, a police dog that was shot and killed in January of 1999 while trying to pursue Aldric “AJ” McKinstry Jr.  McKinstry was shot and killed by police that night.  Lynn was angered that there was no mention of McKinstry Jr. in the post.

The post has been composed over the past several years on the anniversary of the dog’s death, and it was subsequently taken down after harsh criticism from Lansing citizens.