Should Reggie Stay or Should He Go?


The Pistons looked like they had a real chance to make the playoffs this year, mostly due to the fact at how well Brandon Jennings was playing. To give you an example of how well Jennings was playing before he went down with his torn Achilles, he had a 24 point and 21 assist game in a 128-118 win over the Magic in late January.

Jennings was the spark the Pistons were looking for and it felt like all their momentum was lost when Jennings went down.

DJ Augustin filled in admirably, but the Pistons struggled for wins.

Desperate to re-find that spark, the Pistons made one of the biggest trades at the deadline. They traded Augustin and Kyle Singler for the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Reggie Jackson, a free agent after the season.

Jackson and Jennings play similarly, and Jackson almost led the Pistons to the playoffs, but they fell short.

So now the real question is, do the Pistons keep Jackson? Could a backcourt of Jackson and Jennings work? What happens to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope or Greg Monroe then?

Jackson will want a significant upgrade on his salary and matching what he wants could really put the Pistons in trouble with the cap and some of the moves they may want to make.

Although Jennings is coming off of a serious injury, I believe it is best for the Pistons to let Jackson walk. If you keep Jackson, then you have two small, ball dominating point guards and you probably lose Greg Monroe. Even if it takes Jennings a couple months to really get back in the swing, there will be fewer questions for everyone involved and everyone can play their role.

It also allows the Pistons to spend that money elsewhere and look for some help from beyond the arc, which they so desperately need.