The Pact – 2/2/15

With the NFL season disastrously coming to an end for the Seahawks when the Patriots unexpectedly snatched away Seattle’s treacherous toss, Super Bowl XLIX concluded and we all began the six-month wait until next season’s games kick off with a feeling of, “What the **** just happened?”. The panel relives last night’s entertaining Super Bowl and concludes if XLIX could have been the best ever and if the best quarterback in NFL history was behind center for the four-time champs.

For high school and colligate coaches and players across all sports, their recruiting season culminates this Wednesday with National Signing Day. Dan Kilbridge of joined the panel to educate the listeners on what he spends almost every day of his life covering – Michigan State football recruiting. Another expert on recruiting, Michigan State women’s soccer head coach Tom Saxton, joined the panel as well to explain his team’s process and this season’s recruits.

* * *

Segment 1: Super Bowl XLIX


Segment 2: Dan Kilbridge – MSU football recruiting


Segment 3: Tom Saxton – MSU women’s soccer recruiting



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Host: Anthony Serafino

Panelist: Faith Krogulecki

Engineer: Matt Brisker

Photo: Hannah McEnroe/MSU Impact Sports