Athlete of the Week: Tori Franklin

For this week’s Athlete of the Week installment, Impact Sports sat down with Tori Franklin, triple jumper and occasional sprinter for MSU’s track and field team. The Westmont, Ill. native is a junior majoring in economics.

* * *

What is your favorite Gatorade flavor?

“Ummmm the red one. Is that strawberry?”

What is your favorite in season memory?

“At Big Ten Indoor Championship this past year, with my team. I had done really well in the 200 meter dash. I had just won the triple and then it was time for the 4×4. The energy in the stadium was amazing. All 11 teams were screaming their school chants and it was the last event of the night. It was just really exciting. And I knew my relay ladies were about to bring it.”

What is your favorite outofseason memory?

“In the fall last year, a couple of my teammates and I went on a Christian retreat up in the U.P. for a weekend and that was a really good experience.”

It is 2 a.m. on the weekend and you are just getting home, what food are you ordering?

“Greek pizza from Bells. Or I’ll be making popcorn on the stove like the olden days.”

What do you want to be when you grow up?

“I have a list of things I’d like to accomplish as a grown up. I want to be a professional track athlete, a pro dancer and own my own ice cream shop one day.”

What has been your favorite class at MSU so far?

“It was an IAH. I believe it was called Music and the World. The teacher was really interactive and I learned some Haitian creole, which I think is awesome because I have some of that in me. Just learning and understanding different types of music and instruments within other cultures was fun.”

What is the hardest part about triple jump?

“Trying to put everything together in one jump. There’s so many different parts so it’s a lot to try and get right at once.”

What is the best part of triple jump?

“There’s a lot of different parts [of the jump], so you have many opportunities to try and add a little distance to your jump.”

If you could do another sport at MSU what would it be?

“Basketball. It was my first love.”

What is something most people would not know or expect about you?

“I like to make films as a hobby. I have a few on YouTube right now. My best one is of the riots that happened in E.L. last year. Another is just a funny one with Flight Crew, the [MSU track and field] jumps team. My first one is really just ridiculous. My friend and I were just lost in a corn maze.”

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Alexa McCarthy is the host of Last Leg for Impact Sports.

Photo: Stephon Foster