Secret Conversation with Jake Bolyard

The Secret Society got a chance to catch up with sophomore right defender for the MSU club hockey team, Jake Bolyard. They had an opportunity to talk about the changes from last season to this past season. Also, they had the chance to ask him about and future expectations of the team for next year season.

What was the biggest change you noticed from last season to this season?

“We were a lot younger and we did not have as many seniors to look up to and lead the team this year. Last year we had seven or eight seniors last year who had been on the team for years, this year we only had one senior.”

How did it feel winning a championship last year compared to not winning it this year?

“No one on the team is happy. Every year the goal is to win the national tournament. Having been to the national tournament for the past 10 seasons and not going this year was not a good feeling.”

Expectations for next year?

“National championship for sure, there are no excuses for next year. We are going to be a year older and have another year of experience under our belts. It’s all or nothing.”

Romero Hardy is a multimedia journalist for Impact Sports.

Photo: Michigan State University Club Hockey