Corner Kick – 12/6/13 – Roundtable #2

In this Corner Kick Roundtable, host of The Pact, Anthony Serafino, has been invited back to lead the discussion as Corner Kick host Jonathan Yales, Corner Kick reporter Brooks Laimbeer and Zach Smith of The State News discuss the recent 2014 FIFA World Cup Draw, concerns over the USA’s placement in Group G and the panel’s first favorites in the upcoming summer tournament.

 Podcast Picks

Dark Horse:
Anthony Serafino:       Argentina
Jonathan Yales:          Uruguay
Zach Smith:                 Belgium
Brooks Laimbeer:        England

Anthony Serafino:       Germany
Jonathan Yales:          Spain
Zach Smith:                 Germany
Brooks Laimbeer:        Spain

A complete 2014 FIFA World Cup Draw breakdown will be published Monday morning in which every group and every team will be discussed and debated.