MSU Qualifies for Quidditch World Cup

The Spartan Spitfires traveled to Rockford Illinois to compete in the Midwest Regional Cup this past weekend and had a tremendous outing.  MSU Quidditch went undefeated in pool play, and made it to the semi-finals in the tournament of 26 teams.  After a win over Miami (OH) in bracket play, MSU officially qualified for World Cup VII. Here are the list of scores for the Spartans games in the  Midwest Regional Cup.

Kansas 120* – Michigan State 90

Michigan State 80* – Michigan 40

Michigan State 140* – Miami Ohio 40

Michigan State 170* –  Minnesota 70

Michigan State 120 – Grand Valley State 60*

Michigan State 220* – Southern Illinois 20

Michigan State 110* – Ohio State 60


Impact Stat:

-MSU caught the snitch four times in the MWRC.  Catching the snitch (signified by the * in the score) is worth 30 points, and also marks the end of the game.

To keep up to date on the MSU Quidditch team follow @MSU_Quidditch on Twitter.  For more information on quidditch as a whole, including the upcoming Quidditch World Cup and other tournaments, check out the International Quidditch Association’s website.


Bradley Allen is a multimedia journalist for Impact Sports.

Photo: Spartan Spitfires