Media Day: Madison Williams Attempts a Return

After sitting on the sidelines supporting her team for the past two seasons, Madison Williams is ready to give this season a try.

Thursday was media day for the Spartan women’s basketball team, held at Breslin Student Events Center. With all the girls ready for the new season, there has been a special spotlight on red shirt junior, Madison Williams. At Midnight Madness last Friday, Madison received a special tribute from head coach Suzy Merchant. Along with the tribute, it was announced that Williams would be giving basketball another try this season.

Williams has not been able to play since being apart of Michigan State due to multiple ACL injuries. When speaking with Madison, she seemed excited and optimistic about this year’s season. If all goes well, Madison will make her debut in mid-December, to insure a full year of recovery.

“God is telling me I’m not done” said Williams.

She also mentioned her love for the game and the support of her fans. Madison says this will be her final try, and if it doesn’t workout this season, then that is her cue to stop.  The most difficult part for her is not reaching her full potential.

Merchant spoke highly of Williams at Media Day too.  She stated that they are “cautiously optimistic” of Madison’s career this season, and it would be an exciting team if she was in the game this year.

Madison spoke of times that she has lacked confidence in her ability to pull off playing this season, but Merchant has shown confidence and support.

“It truly shows her love for her girls,” said Madison speaking of Merchant.

Both referenced a time this year when Madison was asked to come in and watch film. What Madison thought would be film of her, turned out to be film of Baylor University’s Brittney Griner. The film opened Williams’ eyes to new movements and ways to be effective in the game.

She realizes that although she may not be where she wants, she can still be important. Her goals for this season are to stay healthy, play one Big Ten game, and be an All- American. If it were up to her, she would be out doing drills. But for now, she is taking it slow and doing things different from last year by making little tweaks and having a different approach.

“My body is fragile, not my spirit,” said Williams.

Jennifer Aldridge is a Multi-Media reporter for Impact Sports.

Photo: David Defever