Spartans Can’t Break Losing Streak Against Michigan

After two consecutive losses, the Spartans just could not  beat their in-state rival Wednesday night, losing 3-1.

The Spartans started off strong with a 5-1 lead due to Michigan errors.. The Wolverines came back from the timeout tied the game at 7. The Spartans broke the tie with a kill by Chloe Reinig. The first set ended with a kill by Autumn Chistenson giving the Spartan’s a 25-20 lead to end the set.

In the second set, the game was again tied at 22, before a lead taken by the Wolverines due to a kill by Abbey Cole, before a timeout called by the Wolverines with their lead at 22-23. Michigan got their biggest lead with 25-22 right before the end of the second set.

The game was tied at 24 in the third set and due to an attack error on Wickinski, Cross, with two kills, took the game to a Michigan lead.  Closing out the third set, Spartans down 24-26.

The game was tied at 25 in the final set until a kill by Molly Toon gave Michigan the lead. Michigan kept their lead and ended the final set with a 32-30 lead.

With a packed crowd, filled with over 6,000 fans, setting a new attendance record.


Jennifer Aldridge is a Multi-Media Journalist for Impact Sports 

Photo: Nubia Buckingham