MSU Forward Skates past Summer

Summer hours dedicated to workouts, training, and practice for a student-athlete are grueling.

But one exception is Jen Polin, who excels in the summer with the help of both of her jobs.“When I train the older guys and play with them, they challenge me and I’m able to work on my skills and improve,” said Polin, Division I forward for Michigan State Women’s Hockey.

Polin works at Suburban Ice Arena and Elevation in East Lansing. Whether it is running clinics or helping players on the skating treadmill, she utilizes her time at work to improve her own game.

“I would like to become a more defensive player,” said Polin. “I’m good at getting the puck down the ice, but I’d like to help out more in the defensive zone and getting the puck out.”

Not only does Polin work two jobs, but she also is a Neuroscience major at MSU, which can be tough to balance.

“It’s pretty difficult, not going to lie,” said Polin. “Playing hockey has disciplined me so much and has really helped me with my time management skills.”

“When I sit down to do homework I have to focus and get it done with that free time. If I don’t get it done with that time, I won’t finish because I’m busy with everything else,” added Polin.

Academics will always be first when it comes to Polin, but on the ice, it’s all about having fun.

“If we’re not having fun, I consider the season a failure,” she said. “I’m just excited to share this experience with 23 other girls and my coaches too – it’s going to be a lot of fun.”


David Defever is the host of Behind the Mask for Impact Sports.

Photo: David Defever