Pity Party | 10.10.18

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Pity Party | 10.10.18

Sarah Dropsey

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Medium in the Middle – The Sidekicks

I Can’t Seem to Tell – The Menzingers

Covet – Basement

Some Kind of Cowgirl – Slothrust

Crash Test Rating – Remo Drive

life – awakebutstillinbed

Do I Look Tired? – Blushh

Lucy’s – Girlpool

Diamond Mine – Hop Along

Burned By You – If Only, If Only

So That’s What They Do in College – This Is Pointless

Great Romances of the 20th Century – Taking Back Sunday

The River – Manchester Orchestra

Light Pollution – Ratboys

Take Me Home – Blis


If You Wanted a Song Written About You, All You Had to Do Was Ask – Mayday Parade

Lay Low – Fiddlehead

Citizen – Ceremony

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter – Bellows

The Clearing – Weatherbox

Stationary – Knuckle Puck

Bottled – Seahaven

Echo – Balance and Composure

Close That Door – Mansions

Stonehands – Balance and Composure

Shuffle, Kick, Hum a Tune – Kind of Like Spitting

Drown Me Out – Pity Sex

Breakfast of Champions – Rainer Maria

Houses into Homes – Katie Ellen

Primordial Heat – LVL UP

Window – Tigers Jaw

Yesterday’s Lunch – Lemuria