Pity Party 7.18.18

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Pity Party 7.18.18

Sarah Dropsey

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[su_spoiler title=”Click for playlist: 8 p.m. – 9 p.m. “]

Beach Book – Bay Faction

Tired – Moaning

I’ve Been Bored – Superheaven

Jonesin’ – Save Face

Life a Future With No Friend – Small Brown Bike

King Park – La Dispute

I left my towel at my friend’s house and then they moved PT1 – Mom Jeans.

Shed – Title Fight

Bad Catholics – The Menzingers

Just Another Face – Modern Baseball

Pristine – Snail Mail

Neon Prison – Lemuria

Guardian – Tigers Jaw

Standard – Weller

She’s a Handsome Woman – Panic! at the Disco


[su_spoiler title=”Click for playlist: 9 p.m. – 10 p.m. “]

Double Down – Slothrust

Either Way – Bully

Concussion – Cerce

West Virginia – The Front Bottoms

Praise / Love – Touché Amoré

But Does It Work? – Drug Church

Don’t Worry – Culture Abuse

Bathtub – Prince Daddy & the Hyena

Going Away – Macseal


Blue Line Baby – Nothing

Thinning – Snail Mail

Out Worn – Soccer Mommy

Art School – Remo Drive

March 1st – Cyberbully Mom Club

I Don’t – Told Slant

Appointments – Julien Baker

Lost Boy – Blis

Stolen – Runaway Brother

Owen – Swordfish

I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore – Lucy Dacus

Linear Lies – Looming

Rat Baby – Crying

Expert Eraser – Great Grandpa