Inquisition Interview 9/11/17


Victor Ramirez

I sat down with Dagon from Inquisition hours before their first Detroit show last September. As an Inquisition fanboy, it was hard to keep it together in front of my favorite black metal band of all time, but I managed. I asked him about the differences between the North American and South American scenes from his personal experiences as well as when Inquisition transformed into a raw, black metal band into the more complex and polished band they are today.


Our recording equipment cut off after that. The interview was going so well that I mustered up the courage to ask Dagon about his thoughts on the recent controversies behind black metal shows getting shut down. The first part of his answer was cut off, but we soon picked up where he left off.


I will minimize injecting my personal thoughts on this nuanced topic other than I thought his perspective as someone who was actually a part of the black metal scene was quite fascinating. Inquisition often gets connected with the NSBM scene, but it’s not like you have to do much to be called a Nazi these days.

What are your thoughts?