Thee Hourz O’ Power 10/19/17


Victor Ramirez

10 PM

Metal Church – Beyond The Black

Darkthrone – Kathaarian Life Code [request]

Mercyful Fate – Melissa [request from Nick DiSalvo of Elder]

Metallica – Master Of Puppets

Origin – Algorithm

Archspire – Deathless Ringing

The Kennedy Veil – Legacy Left

Demolition Hammer – Infectious Hospital Waste

Cattle Decapitation – Circo Inhumanitas

Revocation – Chaos Of Forms

The Black Dahlia Murder – Widowmaker

Iron Maiden – Ghost Of The Navigator

11 PM

Serenity – United

Ancient Bards – Only The Brave

1349 – Celestial Deconstruction

Goatpenis – Anesthetic Vapor

Hades Archer – Unus Cantus Bestiae

Carpathian Forest – Morbid Fascination Of Death

Exhumed – Night Work

Cadaveric Incubator – Gravestench Asphyxiation

Haemorrhage – We Are The Gore

Sorcerer – Abandoned By The Gods

Black Sabbath – Lord of This World

12 AM

Spirit Adrift – Earthbound

Spirit Adrift – Curse Of Conception

Spirit Adrift – To Fly On Broken Wings

Spirit Adrift – Starless Age (Enshrined)

Spirit Adrift – Graveside Invocation

Spirit Adrift – Spectral Savior

Spirit Adrift – Wakien

Spirit Adrift – Onward, Inward

1 AM

Amenra – A Solitary Reign

Forteresse – Le Dernier Voyage

Ne Obliviscaris – Libera (Part I) – Saturnine Spheres


Bell Witch – Suffocation, A Drowning: II Somniloquy (The Distance Of Forever)


Thee After Hourz O’ Power

  • I’ll be at both of the shows above, so I hope to see some of you there. The Bloodletting Tour will feature a whopping 6 bands on their setlist, and each band in that group that I’ve listened to is as brutal as the last. I’ve said a lot about Origin already. Defeated Sanity and The Kennedy Veil are solid up and coming tech-death bands. Really, all of these bands can play the hell outta their instruments. Archspire released Relentless Mutation,¬†one of the best tech-death albums this year, in a year full of quality tech-death wankery. If watching one tech-death band is a wankfest, then watching these 6 bands is, well, I’ll let you finish that sentence. Expect many limbs to be thrown at this show, and if you don’t come out with a few bruises then you did it wrong.
  • Judas Priest announced yet another bid to be inducted in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. It’ll be tough for a band like Judas Priest to compete with Rock n’ Roll heavyweights like LL Cool J this year, but it’s about time they join the likes of ABBA and Tupac in order to finally cement their legacy. I had a hot take prepared about how irrelevant that RnR HoF is and say who cares, but apparently Rob Halford cares. So if you want to make Rob Halford, you can vote for them here.
  • If you were listening anytime between midnight ish to 12:30, I’m sorry you had to listen to me stall as we figure out how to reset the system. I went full-fillibuster on you all and read off of moshpitnation for 20 minutes. At the very least, I hope you discovered a show that you’d be interested from the list I read off.

Thanks for tuning in you maniacs! See ya next Thursday