Thee Hourz O’ Power 7/27/17


Victor Ramirez


Exodus – Bonded By Blood

Dagon – Ocean Metal

Dethklok – Blood Ocean

Diamond Head – Am I Evil [request]

Saint Vitus – Burial At Sea

Skeletonwitch – Cast Into The Open Sea

Ensiferum – For Those About To Fight For Metal

Manowar – Brothers of Metal

Power Quest – Neverworld (Power Quest Part II)

Soul Remnants – Depravity’s Lock

Decrepit Birth – Heiroglyphics

Cytotoxin – Gammageddon


Prospekt – Titan

Iron Maiden – The Prisoner

Orden Ogan – The Face Of Silence

Vreid – Alarm

Morbid Angel – Chapel Of Ghouls [request]

Urn – Celestial Light

Toxic Holocaust – Judgement Awaits You

Coroner – Pale Sister

Sepultura – Beneath The Remains

Testament – Souls of Black

Venomous Maximus – Pray For Me

Gateway To Hell – Scorched Earth

12 AM

Feature: Elder – Reflections of a Floating World

Elder – Sanctuary

Elder – The Falling Veil

Elder – Staving Off Truth

Elder – Blind

Elder – Sonntag

Elder – Thousand Hands

1 AM

Esoctrilihum – Ancient Ceremony From Astral Land

Dzo-Nga – To The Great Salt Water

Unanimated – Retribution In Blood

Inquisition – Command of the Dark Crown

Uada – Natus Eclipsm

Marduk – Darkness Breeds Immortality

Black Sabbath – Lonely Is The Word

Thee After Hourz O’ Power

  • There’s a show featuring The Revenant, Dagon, and a few other local acts at Mac’s this Saturday the 29th. I already made a Disappointed Dad joke in the facebook post, so I’ll refrain from making another one.
  • One of the feature contenders for tonight was Prospect – Illuminated Sky. Terrorsquid claims that they do Dream Theater better than Dream Theater does, and that comes from a Dream Theater fan. As a non-Dream Theater fan I say just about any band does Dream Theater than Dream Theater does.
  • We thrashed back to a whopping 7 weeks ago with Elder’s Reflections of a Floating Sky. Thanks to Terrorsquid for actually buying this as we didn’t get this as part of handouts promotional items from our promoters. Itseems I say this every other week about our feature, but I legitimately think this is one of my favorites all year. I’d rank it the best doom release I’ve heard all year (sorry, Pallbearer). Terrorsquid and I disagree (what else is new?) as he thinks Heartless is slightly better than Reflections. What we did agree on is that those two albums are a bit of a step back from their respective band’s previous work in terms of heavy, memorable riffery and instead took a worrying step towards sounding more ambient, progressive, even softer. “Evolving as musicians” can be one of the scariest things a fan can ever hear from a band. It’s code for “we’re gonna try other things whether you like it or not”. Hopefully we haven’t heard the last heavy riff from either of those bands and that they don’t start releasing background elevator music and passing it off as “artistic expression”.
  • Last week Inquisition announced that they’re finally playing Detroit on September 11th at the Corktown Tavern. After being snubbed all these years, it’s about damn time. I’ve been a big fan of Inquisition for a while, but my fanboyhood of Inquisition was ignited when I first saw them in Seattle in the summer of 2016, coincidentally with Uada supporting. Inquisition is the best black metal band I’ve seen live, and after seeing them for the first time became my favorite black metal band. Did I mention that it’s just two dudes that play live? Seriously, it’s amazing that they can pull it off and maintain their energy throughout the entire show. Dagon is a beast at multitasking. Those seeing Inquisition live will be in for a treat. I could gush about Inquisition all night so I’ll just stop myself now.

That’s all for now. Thank you for scrolling down this far. See you next Thursday.