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Thee Hourz O’ Power 7/6/17



Gamma Ray – Time To Live

25th Anniversary of Countdown To Extinction by Megadeth (July 6, 1992)

Megadeth – Sweating Bullets

Marty Friedman – Self Pollution

Accept – The Rise of Chaos

Nadimac – Jednom Nogom u Gradu (Escapism Against Modernism)

Sauron – Storm of Ashes

Hades Archer – Kaos Keravnos Kybernetos

Nile – Khem Khefa Khesef

Autopsy – Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay

Aborted – Bathos

Anthrax – Madhouse [request]

Bolt Thrower – Eternal War [request]

Vader – Litany

Vektor – Tetrastructural Minds


Allegaeon – Gray Matter Mechanics

Fleshgod Apocalypse – Epilogue [request]

Cryptopsy – Defenstation [request]

Rings of Saturn – Inadequate

Dying Fetus – Fixated On Devastation [request]

Cattle Decapitation – Circo Inhumanitas

At The Gates – At War With Reality

Bloodshot Dawn – Vision

Carcass – Carnal Forge

Dimmu Borgir – Dreamside Dominions

Alghazanth – To The Pearl On High

Hammerfall – Take The Black

12 AM

Origin – Infinitesimal to the Infinite

Origin – Accident and Error

Origin – Cascading Failures, Diminishing Returns

Origin – Mithridatic

Origin – Truthslayer

Origin – Invariance Under Transformation

Origin – Dajjal

Origin – A Burden of Prescience

Origin – Unequivocal

Origin – Revolucion (Brujeria cover)

Black Sabbath – Into The Void

Bison B.C. – Until The Earth Is Empty

1 AM

25th Anniversary of Images And Words by Dream Theater (July 7, 1992)

Dream Theater – Metropolis Part 1: The Miracle And The Sleeper

Symphony X – Evolution (The Grand Design)

Akerkocke – Disappear

Emperor – Ensorcelled By Khaos

Mesarthim – …..

Aera – Die Wulvsära (Am Ende der Zeit)

King Diamond – The 7th Day of July 1777

Dantalion – Grant Me The Eternal Rest

Say Goodbye (secondary closing song that is shorter is Given To The Grave by Pallbearer)

Pallbearer – Given To The Grave

After Hourz:

  • Countdown of Extinction turned 25 today. Although this was the signal towards Megadeth trying to be mainstream, which never turns out well musically for any metal band, it reached some people outside the metal bubble and turned them towards the really good stuff. And that’s about the extent of the good I have to say about bands pandering to the general masses.
  • Images and Words also turns 25 today. I used to be a big Dream Theater fan, and this album started it all. Though I don’t listen to them much these days, it’s important to take time to reflect and appreciate John Petrucci’s mastery at guitar.
  • Anthems to the Welkins at Dusk will turn 20 on the 8th as well. In The Nightside Eclipse gets all the attention, but this album is a classic in its own right.
  • The Hades Archer show with Abysmal Lord and Sauron is this Friday July 14th. If you want to be pummeled into submission by a merciless blackened thrash assault and expose some of those darned posers then this show is for you. If I were a food snob pretentious enough to unironically myself a foodie and channeled it into talking about metal, I’d describe blackened thrash as a perfect marriage of two contrasting flavors that fuse into its own cuisine. But seriously, Sauron always puts out a fun show and they’re not just “good-for-a-local-band”. They’re a quality band worthy of being part of the canon of modern blackened thrash and were recently recognized as such. Hades Archer is one of the best crusty underground black metal bands out there. Did I also mention before that I really love blackened thrash?
  • Speaking of food analogies, am I the only one who has thought of metal genres as analogues to flavor profiles? For example, power & traditional metal is sweet, thrash is spicy, black is bitter, doom is sour, and death metal is umami. I can’t be the only one right?
  • Lots of death metal requests tonight; thank you to all of those who sent one in! With the Cryptopsy request, we have now played the two songs we added into the system recently. We’d add more but Cryptopsy’s lyrics are among the filthiest I’ve read. Seriously, just read some. I’m no prude but we have to abide by the FCC and all that stuff, and they’re getting their money’s worth with these FCC violations. On a side note, there are a ton of amusing candidates for Metal Spoken Word. If you haven’t heard of Metal Spoken Word, do yourself a favor and check out this classy spoken rendition of Entrails Ripped… by Cannibal Corpse.
  • All of these words and I haven’t even talked about the feature from Origin yet. Though nothing can top the insanity of Antithesis, Unparalleled Universe is right up there with their best. They play at such a blistering pace throughout the album that I won’t be able to digest how good it truly is until many more listens. Origin are absolute wizards with their instruments from top to bottom, and they channel their technical mastery into unrelenting brutality unlike any other band I’ve ever listened to. Check out how John Longstreth hammers away on the drums like a mad man. I mentioned this in the show, but some bands fall into the technical wankery tramp, ripping off solos with no soul behind them in an effort to just show off. If you dislike this brand of metal, you’ll know which bands I’m ranting about.Back to Origin, if there’s a band that can match Origin in terms of speed, aggression, and technical proficiency send them my way and I’d love to listen to them.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next Thursday.


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