Thee Hourz O’ Power 6/22/17


Victor Ramirez


Judas Priest – The Hellion

Judas Priest – Electric Eye

Hour Of 13 – Upon Black Wings We Die

Acid Witch – Witchblood Cult

The Sword – The Black River

Crowbar – Falling While Rising

Overkill – Rotten To The Core

Havok – Fatal Intervention

Black Fast – To Propagate The Void

Dissection – The Somberlain

Abigail Williams – The Departure

Kataklysm – As Death Lingers


Tyrannosorceress – Haunting Black Infinity

Vio-Lence – Eternal Nightmare

Municipal Waste – Slime And Punishment

Church Of Misery – B.T.K. (Dennis Rader) [request]

Bolt Thrower – Entrenched

Skelethal – Spectral Cemetery

Eluveitie – Helvetios

Celesty – Battle Of Oblivion

Primal Fear – Lightyears From Home

Iced Earth – Seven Headed Whore

Goatwhore – Forsaken

12 AM

Introduce feature

Dying Fetus – Fixated On Devastation

Dying Fetus – Panic Amongst The Herd

Dying Fetus – Die With Integrity

Dying Fetus – Reveling In The Abyss

Dying Fetus – Seething With Disdain

Dying Fetus – Ideological Subjugation

Dying Fetus – Weaken The Structure

Dying Fetus – Fallacy

Dying Fetus – Unmitigated Detestation

Dying Fetus – Wrong One To Fuck With


Fellwarden – Guardians Unbound

1 AM

Vintersorg – Tusenåriga Stråk

Solbrud – Besat Af Morke

Inquisition – Cosmic Invocation Rites

Dio – Last In Line

King Diamond – The Invisible Guests

Amorphis – Hopeless Days

Ensiferum – Victory Song

While Heaven Wept – The Furthest Shore

Thee After Hourz:

  • We’re back live after last week’s prerecorded show, and with it is the patented awkwardness of me fumbling through our finicky system. It’s as if the system is a host from Westworld and it’s in the beginning stages of evolving into a fully-conscious killing machine. We’ll get this down eventually.
  • The Metal Alliance Tour was recently announced and it’s as if they personally asked me what 3 active (We wish Vektor a speedy hiatus) thrash bands would I most want to tour. Overkill to me is the thrash band with the best overall discography. Most thrash bands make 1 “classic” album in the 80’s, maybe a couple other good-okay ones, chug along the late 90’s and 2000’s hopelessly trying to recapture the Pantera wave, sometimes stop playing thrash altogether, then make a mediocre, “You-Tried” return-to-roots album within the past 10 years. Overkill on the other hand has released 10 or so great albums, 4 of which are their most recent releases. To put things in perspective: you can divide their discography in half and they’d still be among the best thrash bands. No other classic thrash band’s recent discography even comes close to Overkill’s last 4 albums. Sure, even Overkill wasn’t immune to the groove plague that infected thrash bands in the Pantera-era, but they have always been undeniably thrash. Bobby still has that same mischievous voice that makes you want to raise hell, D.D. still plays those groovy basslines, and Overkill as a whole still write memorable riffs. Overkill has unlocked the recipe of writing good thrash songs and perfected it over the ages.
  • The younger guys make me excited for the future of thrash. 10 years ago I thought thrash had no future at all, and that the genre had been content with recreating 90’s era Slayer and Exodus, plodding through the tired thrash tropes. Havok and Black Fast are breaths of fresh air, combining the classic thrash attitude with technical aspects and inspired songwriting. Havok reflects the more youthful, fun-side of thrash, like a Peace Sells-era Megadeth. Black Fast represents the technical evolution of thrash, meticulously crafting chaos fueled by tons of youthful energy, reminiscent of Death. If you haven’t checked out To Propagate the Void, do yourself a favor and listen to it now. Or we could do help you out with that sometime down the road *hint*.
  • I just made it sound like I have a vendetta against neothrash. I really don’t, I just felt like for a while these new bands couldn’t carry the the weight that the classic bands passed on. That said, I enjoyed the newest Municipal Waste release Slime and Punishment and will give it a fewer listens to determine if it’s feature-worthy.
  • Speaking of feature-worthy, this week had some big-name releases such as Dying Fetus, Goatwhore, and the aforementioned Municipal Waste. Dying Fetus won out, but Goatwhore is just as good (expect to hear more in the future!) Dying Fetus continues to release some of the most brutal metal with Wrong One To Fuck With and it’s definitely up there among the most aggressive, angry albums I’ve heard all year.

That’s all for now folks. Thank you for reading, and see you next Thursday.