The Undercurrent-5/13/17-S5E17-The Best of Season Five

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The Undercurrent-5/13/17-S5E17-The Best of Season Five

Daniel Rayzel, Nate Graham, Cole Tunningley, Sami Luke, and Naina Rao

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The Best of Season Five

This week on The Undercurrent, host Daniel Rayzel says goodbye with The Best of Season Five.

The show begins as we revisit the Women’s March in Lansing with an audio postcard from reporter Cole Tunningley.

Then, reporter Nate Graham on reverse culture shock in study abroad programs. Why does it happen, and how do students cope?

Reporter Sami Luke speaks with an old friend, a young artist with bipolar disorder, and her teacher.

Reporter Naina Rao sits down with a man beginning to rediscover himself after digging into his adoptive history.

And to wrap the season up, Rayzel returns to the reopening of The Record Lounge in Lansing’s REO Town district.