We Play It For the Music | The Legend of Zelda


Benjamin Hickey

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

“The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” was recently remastered for the Nintendo Wii U. This eerie adventure will forever stand as a favorite among Zelda fans. The game takes place in the land of Hyrule — which has once again fallen victim to evil forces. The story follows Link the stable boy, his transformation into a wolf, his call to action,and quest to return himself to normal and save the land from the Twilight.

Being perhaps the darkest entry into the Legend of Zelda series, the music of this game is vital to set the mood for such a game. The soundtrack’s composers, Toru Minegishi, Asuka Ota, and the legendary Koji Kondo, do a brilliant job of creating the perfect atmosphere for a world shrouded in darkness.

“Title Theme”

The Title Theme is the first song players hear when beginning the game. Led by a chorus, this track introduces the game wonderfully, setting a serious and unsettling tone for the events to come.


This theme introduces one of the most frequently used synth patterns in the whole game. The dark, pulsing arpeggio in this song only makes the twilight more ambiguous. This piece sets the mood for the Twilight, an unknown force of evil.  

“Spirit’s Lament”

The Spirit’s Lament is one of my favorite variations of the classic Fairy Fountain theme. With a lead harp and an accompanying choir, this song is incredibly moving, causing the player to empathize with the lamenting Light Spirit.

“Lakebed Temple”

My personal favorite temple theme, that of the “Lakebed Temple”, blends the feelings of submersion and confusion. This temple involves a large-scale puzzle, one in which the user manipulates the flow of water and a staircase. This temple and the music bring forth a sense of anxiety, as if time is running out and you need to solve the puzzle and get out this instant. The sporadic guitars and mallets make the familiar sounds of a clock ticking or an alarm signaling that time is up.

“Midna’s Lament”

Even without playing the game or being familiar with the context of this piece, the word desperation instantly comes to mind. “Midna’s Lament” is a work of genius, and when coupled with the scenario which it accompanies, it is clear that this piece is a cornerstone in the Twilight Princess soundtrack. The rain is falling. Your companion is dying. She has one last wish, for you to bring her to see Zelda one last time. You carry her on your back through the town, people screaming and running in terror from the beast you are. You rush to save her, wondering if it is already too late.

“Midna’s Lament” is a variation of the main theme of the game and Midna’s theme. Opening with solely piano and later being accompanied by strings, this song is the most moving piece in the game.

“Sacred Grove”

This melody is familiar to all Zelda fans, as it is a variation of the “Lost Woods” theme. While it is familiar, it has a Twilight Princess twist on it, making it feel as eerie as the dark, ghost filled woods in which you find yourself.

“Gerudo Desert”

The classic guitar centered Gerudo Desert theme returns in Twilight Princess. This piece features the most complex and impressive percussion in the whole game.

“Zant Battle”

Zant is one of the most interesting villains in Zelda history. He can be categorized as a psychological villain, someone who’s insanity drives them to destroy. This battle itself is a sort of overture of all the boss battles in the game, therefore the music references the battle themes of all previous enemies. The constantly switching music and setting in this sequence shows Zant’s willingness to destroy you by any means.

“Staff Credits”

The credits music is an overture of all the music in the game. It is a celebration of your progress through darkness into the light.

Twilight Princess, while one of the darkest Zelda games, has a special place in the hearts of Zelda fans everywhere. On this particular adventure, the adversities of Link, Zelda, and Midna are portrayed in a way that completely immerses the player. The soundtrack of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is brilliant and perfectly accompanies the atmosphere of the game.