Thee Hourz O’ Power – 7/7/16




Annihilator – The Fun Palace

Hate – Hexagony

Dust Bolt – Turned To Grey

Havok – Give Me Liberty… Or Give Me Death

King Diamond – The 7th Day Of July 1777

Denner / Shermann – Angel’s Blood

Rage – Spirits Of The Night

Exmortus – Glory On The Battlefield

Revocation – Dismantle The Dictator

3 Inches Of Blood – Premonition Of Pain

Bloodbath – Outnumbering The Day

Pantera – Psycho Holiday (request)


Goatwhore – When Steel And Bone Meet

Earthship – Safeguard Of Death

Kvelertak – Berserkr

Attacker – Lords Of Thunder

Witchcraft – Wooden Cross

Dio – The Last In Line

Centinex – Generation Of Flies

Dark Winter – Tombs Of Monolithic Darkness

Forteresse – Le Sang des Heros

Dawn Of Disease – Through Nameless Ages


Metal Church – Watch The Children Play

Overkill – The Years Of Decay


Spellcaster – Aria

Spellcaster – Night Hides The World

Spellcaster – The Lost Ones

Spellcaster – Betrayal

Spellcaster – I Live Again

Spellcaster – The Accuser

Spellcaster – The Moon Doors

Spellcaster – Prophecy


Amon Amarth – Under Siege

Holy Grail – Crosswinds

Jag Panzer – Bringing The End

Cattle Decapitation – To Serve Man (request)

Iced Earth – Gettysburg Trilogy

Fates Warning – From The Rooftops