Asian Music Monday | Classic Soundtracks

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Asian Music Monday | Classic Soundtracks

Jessica Lee

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This week on Asian Music Monday, your hosts Star and Lu bring you the greatest music from the soundtracks of some classical Asian costume TV dramas and movies. You will hear the music from China, especially Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and more.

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JS – “Sha Po Lang / 杀破狼” (Taiwan, 2004)
Julia Pang 彭佳慧 feat. F.I.R – “The Fire in Heart / 心之火” (Taiwan, 2015)
Shengmei Gao 高胜美 – “Waited for a Thousand Years / 千年等一回” (Taiwan, 1992)
Jane Zhang 张靓颖 – “The Unique in the World / 天下无双” (Mainland China, 2006)
Wakin Chau 周华健 feat. Chyi Yu 齐豫 – “Lovers in the World / 天下有情人” (Hong Kong, 1995)
Julian Cheung 张智霖 feat. Chien-lien Wu 吴倩莲 – “Jue Shi Jue Zhao / 绝世绝招”(Hong Kong, 1994)
Power Station 动力火车 – “When / 当” (Taiwan, 1998)
Sam Hui 许冠杰 – “A Sound of Laughter in the Vast Sea / 沧海一声笑” (Hong Kong, 1990)
SunHee Lee 이선희 – “Fate / 인연” (Korea, 2005)
Korean Artisits – “Ohnara / 오나라” (Korea, 2006)
JiYoung Baek 백지영 – “Bad Man / 나쁜 사람” (Korea, 2006)
alan – “The River of No Return / 永遠の河” (Japan, 2009)
NHK – “Hana Moyu / 花燃ゆ” (Japan, 2015)
Kei Fukui 福井敬 feat. alan – “Love is Power / 愛は力” (Japan, 2011)
MY FIRST STORY – “Irreversible Replacement / 不可逆リプレイス” (Japan, 2014)
Shinji Tanimura 谷村新司 – “The Level / 階” (Japan, 1993)
Arashi 嵐 – “Dear Snow” (Japan, 2006)
Sarah Chen 陈淑桦 – “Dancing Light / 流光飞舞” (Hong Kong, 1993)
Jackie Chan 成龍 feat. HeeSun Kim 김희선 – “Endless Love / 无尽的爱” (Hong Kong, 2005)
Hu Bing 胡兵 feat. Xerinay 希莉娜依 – “Gu Qu Lai / 归去来” (Mainland China, 1995)
A’ Min Mao 毛阿敏 – “Fall in Love With Wuji Zhang / 爱上张无忌” (Mainland China, 2003)
Wakin Chau 周华健 – “The Scripture That is Difficult to Read / 难念的经” (Hong Kong, 1997)
Huan Liu 刘欢 feat. Faye Wang 王菲 – “The Smiling, Proud Wanderer / 笑傲江湖” (Mainland China, 2001)
Jay Chou 周杰伦 – “Chrysanthemum Terrace / 菊花台” (Taiwan, 2006)
Dicky Cheung 张卫健 – “I Wanna Go Wild / 我要撒野” (Hong Kong, 2001)
Ah Sang 阿桑 – “Always Very Quiet / 一直很安静” (Taiwan, 2005)