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The Basement | Michigander

Dom Korzecke

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This week on The Basement we had on Michigander who played some awesome live tracks and talked about bounce houses.

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”Click for Playlist” style=”simple”]
The Devils Cut – “Hurley Hospital”
Distorted Waltz – “Rolling the Dice”
Marvels – “So Drone”
Small Parks – “Jailbird”
Less is More – ?
Squirrel Shaped Fish – “Hotel Monteleone”
Interview with Michigander
Kim Vi and the Siblings – “Kali Are You Listening?”
Secret Grief – “Faking Orgasms”
Monte Pride II – “In The Weeds”
Tiny Ugly Germs – “Focus on the Family and other Terrorist Organizations”
Decades – “Underneath Your Eyes”
Mr Denton on Doomsday – “Mushrooms and Questions Blocks”
Mark D Beats – “Detroit City”
Desmond Jones – “Gone”
The Fever Haze – “Nose Rings”
The Vulnerable – “Time Spent Wondering”