The Basement | The Tiny Ugly Germs

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The Basement | The Tiny Ugly Germs

Dom Korzecke

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This week on The Basement we had on Port Huron’s The Tiny Ugly Germs as they played an acoustic set and talked about their upcoming show at Mac’s Bar in Lansing on May 27.

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”Click for Playlist” style=”simple”]
Mustard Plug – “On and On”
The Peoples Temple – “Nevermore”
Marvels – “So Drone”
Wayne Szalinski – “Winter Perfume Warning”
Frank and Earnest – “New Traditions”
The Tiny Ugly Germs
Hailey Wojick – “Cigarettes”
Frank and Earnest – “Paul 6”
Secret Grief – “Daisy”
Bad Dates – “Highway Lanes”
Small Parks – “Jailbird”
Jake Down and the Midwest Mess – “A Love Worth Fighting For”
The Crane Wives – “Steady Steady”
Desmond Jones – “Mt. Meesha”
The Devils Cut – “More Weight”
The Fiction Junkies – “Unraveled”
Heavier Than Air Flying Machines – “Soliloquy from the Dyson Sphere”
The Hunky Newcomers – “Let’s Smoke Cigarettes”