The Vibe 11/15

Colin Jackson

Tonight on The Cultural Vibe, CJax jams and Spenny spins.If you want to rock your favorite Impact hip-hop tag team duo then you don’t want to turn your dial any further to 88.9 tonight. You’ll hear songs ranging from Aesop Rock’s latest collaboration effort Hail Mary Mallon to Damien Marley to NWA plus a few surprises along the way. Look no further than WDBM for the playlist to your weekend get together.

As always call in your requests to 517-884-8989 or tweet them using the hashtag #VibinDirty and don’t forget to follow our playlist below:

Songs Not on Spotify:

Chance the Rapper – Cocoa Butter Kisses

Vic Mensa – Holy Holy

Domo Genesis – The Most Subtle Flex Ever

James Gardin – I Cry