pity party playlist – 9/24/14

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pity party playlist – 9/24/14

Makenzie McNeill

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diamond youth – the feeling

johnny foreigner – shipping

iron chic – timecop

somos – familiar theme

wolves & machines – all alarms

little big league – dark matter

billy talent – pins and needles

olive drab – slugger

elder brother – throw me to the wolves

glocca morra – support my head

two inch astronaut – zones

prawn – sammy

headroom – carry

52 hertz – shyonara

tiny moving parts – boxcar

a great big pile of leaves – we don’t need our heads

special explosion – tomato kitty

sledding with tigers – the kids will be alright, eventually

turnover – disintegration

mahogany – telephone cord

dads – chewing ghosts

the spirit of the beehive – roll over

choir vandals – freaking out

joanna gruesome – coffee implosion

christie front drive – november

kitty hawk – the first one

rozwell kid – unmacho

parkway & columbia – december

minus the bear – houston, we have uh oh

flashlights – don’t take me seriously

pill friends – suffering