pity party playlist – 9/17/14

Makenzie McNeill

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pity party playlist – 9/17/14

prawn – glass, irony

brave bird – the worst things happen to me

nice try – no good

tigers jaw – the sun

nouns – dogs

brand new – sink

the american scene – dark creak

51 hertz – shyonara

cloakroom – e

gates – like this you mean

dogs on acid – make it easy

the cancers – be cool

cow bait – why don’t you?

the fever haze – nose rings

everyone everywhere – raw bar obx 2002

whirr – flashback

the spirit of the beehive – roll over

tiny moving parts – skinny veins

modern baseball – two good things

the anniversary – without panasos

dads – chewing ghosts

hostage calm – a thousand miles away from here

aye nako – start talking

weatherbox – pagan baby

the mineral girls – connecticut girls.

billy talent – pins and needles

pity sex – coca cola

colossal – the serious kind

grey gordon – 500 miles

the national – lemonworld

parkway & columbia – december