Asian Music Mondays 08/18/2014

Welcome to MSU, new international students!
Today is the big day for new international students. You might see Elise, Lu or Star already at the Resource Fair. Tonight, we are going to play lots of songs. ^O^. You can request songs via Facebook or Twitter.
Facebook: Impact Asian Music Mondays
Twitter: @ImpactAMM
Let’s get the party started!

Hyuna – “Red / 빨게요
Glen Check – “Young Generation
Kesh You – “I’m Glad / Ризамын
Brother Chopsticks – “Little Apple / 小苹果”
Jaurim – “Dancing Star”
朴树 Pu Shu – “Ordinary Road / 平凡之路” from movie “ The Continent / 后会无期” (by request)
f(x) – “Hot Summer” (by request)
Pu Shu 朴树  – “ Those Flowers / 那些花儿”
Mayday – “Cheers / 乾杯”
B1A4 – “Solo Day” (by request)
Taeyang – “Eye, Nose, Lips / 눈, 코 입” (by request)
EXO – “Growl / 咆哮”
Hins Cheung 张敬轩 – “ The Stopping Point / 断点” (by request)
Wada Kouji 和田光司 – “Butterfly”
Hilcrhyme – “Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter / 春夏秋冬
Nancy Ajram لنانسي عجرم – “Year After Year / سنة ورا سنةا”
ON/OFF – “Two Heart Beats and A Red Sin / たつの鼓動(こどう)と赤い罪(つみ)”
Miss A – “Touch”
Tizzy Bac – “Russian Roulette”
Big Bang – “Love Dust / 사랑 먼지”
Tommy February6 – “Star of Love / 愛の愛の星”
S.H.E. – “Beautiful New World / 美丽新世界”