About the Staff

“I could be an astronaut if earth let go of me” - Youth Lagoon

Olivia Mitchell | Station Manager | manager@impact89fm.org

Alongside the GM, Olivia oversees the directors, paid staff, and volunteers to ensure success in station wide projects. She encourages collaboration between departments and helps directors uphold the station values and goals.




“Don’t cut your tongue on my syllables, bet you need a syllabus to teach you how my vowels sound.” - Jamila Woods

Sana Hakim | Operations Director | operations@impact89fm.org

Marketing major

As the Operations Director, Sana works closely with the other leadership at the station to manage the director staff and financials. She has the opportunity to collaborate with numerous directors on station wide projects.




“May your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground, carry on.”- FUN

Amanda Poole | Volunteer Director | volunteers@impact89fm.org

Journalism Major and Public Relations Minor

As the VD, Amanda helps all volunteers feel welcomed and heard throughout their whole experience at Impact. She provides them with resources, connections, and contacts to improve their time at Impact.





“Don’t go crying to your momma, cos you’re all alone in the real world.” – Paramore

Natashia Evelyn | Office Manager | office@impact89fm.org

Media and Information Major, Spanish Minor

Natashia is a junior majoring in Media and Information and hopefully pursuing Spanish as a minor. As the office manager, she manages the Impact office and makes sure that everything is organized so the office feels like home to everyone.


“We are not gonna take it” - Twisted Sisters

Simone Fenzi | Programming Director | programming@impact89fm.org

Journalism & Economics

As the APD Simone assists with the creation of the weekly schedule for the radio. This implies choosing and logging all new songs into the program so that our listeners get fresh music.


“Rock the boat like a one-eyed pirate. Rick James, I got glitter on my eyelids.” - BROCKHAMPTON

Amber Kienutske | Assistant Programming Director | programming@impact89fm.org

Media and Information & Advertising

As APD, Amber helps to build the weekly music schedule. She helps pick which songs are played, integrates the new songs into the library with the old songs, and then builds a weekly queue. 





“I'm [Justin Ralph] and I'm here to make it clear” -Roxxxy Andrews, Read U Wrote U

Justin Ralph | Training Director | training@impact89fm.org

Human Biology, Physiology, & Economics

The DJ Coaches Justin ensure that our volunteer DJs sound fabulous and amazing on air.




"Today we’re gonna teach you some fun facts about salmon and a brand new dance,” - Fat Lip with The Chemical Brothers

Ean Montague | Managing Editor | editor@impact89fm.org

Professional Writing Major,  Film Studies Minor

Ean oversees the music-related content that gets posted on our website and helps produce it with a talented group of volunteers. He also set up interviews with artists, editing and writing workshops, and more.






“No I ain't scared of living”- EDEN

Stephanie Stapert | Website Manager | web@impact89fm.org

Interview Coordinator | interviews@impact89fm.org

Creative Advertising Major, Public Relations minor

Stephanie ensures all aspects of the Impact are online by fixing, designing, and updating the website. As the interview coordinator, she trains volunteers how to conduct interviews and write a follow up article, so that we can send them out to cover a variety of events. 




"I would go out tonight, but I haven't got a stitch to wear / This man said, 'It's gruesome that someone so handsome should care.'" - The Smiths

Jesse Taconelli | Co-Music Director | music@impact89fm.org


In an elevator pitch, Jesse works with programming to make the daytime airplay on the station sound awesome. That means he sorts through all of our music sources, keeps in touch with promoters, and stays up to date with releases and charting.




“I think you know the place we should meet. Don’t worry if it’s dark and I’m late.” -Sonic Youth

Greg McClure| Co-Music Director | music@impact89fm.org  

English Major

Yo as a Music Director, Greg listens to music and takes phone calls. They are part of the process to get music on the airwaves. It’s basically their job to be pretentious.





Cole Tunningley | News Director | news@impact89fm.org


Cole works with the News Team to produce audio documentaries for The Undercurrent, our weekly storytelling podcast. He teaches new volunteers how to handle recording equipment, write their stories, and use audio editing software.

“Coo coo ca choo Mrs.Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you will know. Oh oh oh. ”- Simon and Garfunkel

Sophie Sagan | Assistant News Director | assistant.news@impact89fm.org

Social Relations and Policy, Documentary Production Minor

Works to create content for our weekly news and storytelling podcast “the Undercurrent” and helps volunteers learn the basics of audio journalism and storytelling.






“I got Alicia waitin', Aisha waitin', All the eesha's waitin' on me” - Bruno Mars

Ryan Cole | Sports Director | sports@impact89fm.org


As Sports Director, Ryan manages a team of more than 25 volunteers that cover all Michigan State sports teams. He is also the main beat reporter for MSU men’s basketball and co-host the weekly “Impact Izzone” podcast.



“If you come up don’t forget about your dogs, that’s law.” - Yo Gotti

Kyle Turk | Sports Editor | sportseditor@impact89fm.org


Kyle’s role as editor involves perfecting the articles our volunteers put out on all the sports we cover across MSU’s campus, as well as shaping the content of our website to keep readers informed and entertained.





“This house is full of women, playing guitar and cooking breakfast” - Japanese Breakfast

Sarah Dropsey | Marketing Director | assistantmarketing@impact89fm.org

Residential College in the Arts and Humanities & English

Oversee the Marketing Department and hold weekly marketing meetings with the Promotions, Video, Events, Creative, Social Media, and Volunteer Directors. Additionally, leads marketing campaigns for events like Fall Welcome, Station Open Houses, Tax Vote Renewal, and more! Biggest part of the job is trying to be a resource for people to come bounce ideas off of and help work through problems but I mostly just make a lot of meeting minutes.  

“I wanna know- Have you ever seen the rain?” -Creedence Clearwater Revival

Andy Campbell | Promotions Director | promotions@impact89.org

Social Science Education Major (Secondary)

As Promotions Director, Andy is in charge of finding rockin’ shows to promote on air. He is also responsible for bringing bands into the station for In-Studio performances.




“Poopy-di scoop, Scoop-diddy-whoop” - Lift Yourself - Kanye West

Olivia Long | Events Director | events@impact89fm.org

Marketing Major, Graphic Design Minor

Greetings! Olivia oversees both our internal and external events, as well as our contracted DJ services. She gets to help our community morale at the station by hosting bonding events, and  organizing fun events with the MSU and greater East Lansing community such as the Homecoming Parade, East by East Lansing, and Sparticipation!




“Can I kick it? To all the people who can Quest like A Tribe does / Before this, did you really know what live was?” - A Tribe Called Quest

Ryan Carlson | Social Media Director | socialmedia@impact89fm.org

Media and Information, Fiction Filmmaking minor

From tweeting, posting concert pics, and Facebooking important info, Ryan is online to keep our listeners up to date across the world wide web.  





“Way before Nirvana there was U2 and Blondie and music still on M-T-V” - Bowling for Soup

Megan Martine | Creative Director | graphics@impact89fm.org

Creative Advertising, Graphic Design Minor

Megan is head of the graphic design team that creates social media graphics, Snapchat filters, flyers, Impact Swag and more. She also assists with video graphics from time to time.






“And there ain’t nothing like a friend who can tell you you’re just pissing in the wind” - Neil Young

Conor Lynch | Engineering Director | engineer@impact89fm.org

Media & Information

Conor does fun audio stuff like put microphones in front of people and their instruments when they play their music songs. He also makes sure the Audio Team volunteers know how to do the same.




“We sang ‘Silent Night’ in three parts which was fun” - Father John Misty

Maeve O’Dowd | Production Director | production@impact89fm.org

Media and Information, Fiction Filmmaking & ESS Minors

Maeve writes and produces catchy PSAs, promos and bumpers that play on air in between the music. She also equipts the Audio Team with cool audio recording, mixing and editing skills so that they can go out into the world (and station) as knowledgeable audio producers.





“Times is weird.” - John Maus

Will Spurrier | Co-Video Director | video@impact89fm.org

Media and Information

Media and Information student. I lead the Video Team in working within the studio and on-location to shoot and produce unique and entertaining music-related video content that we can all be proud of. Often thinking of ways to put a twist on an old format or push our content into new territory.



“England is my city” -Nick Crompton

Andrew Herner | Assistant Video Director | video@impact89fm.org

Andrew is a sophomore Media and Information student. As Assistant Video Director, Andrew comes up with new video content for Impact’s website and social media. Some of the different types of videos include in-studio performances, live venue performances, short promotional pieces, and so much more. He also organizes video team meetings for our volunteers.


"Don't need money, don't take fame, don't need no credit card to ride this train." -Huey Lewis & the News

Jeremy Whiting | General Manager | gm@impact89fm.org

Jeremy is the only non-student employed at the Impact. He assists the student leadership in forming the overall vision and direction of the station. As general manager, Jeremy also ensures that the Impact follows all FCC guidelines, oversees the directors and paid staff, and manages the technical aspects of the operation. He lives in Lansing with his wife, Amber, and three kids, Kate, Ryan and Anna.