Walk the Line – #13 – 11/27/13

As much as one can try, some 13’s are simply unavoidable.

Dan Krier & Ryan Smith make the best of a bad number, taping a special Thanksgiving Edition of Walk the Line in the CAS building at Michigan State University for Impact Sports.

The guys muscle through Episode 13, discussing the exciting rivalry games of NCAA College Football Week 14, as well as the annual Detroit Lions’ Thanksgiving game along with the best of NFL Week 13 here in 2013. Yes13’s are everywhere. No more. Please! Read More…

Opinion: Incognito Is Wrong, So Is Martin

As you’ve probably already heard, Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito is the meanest, least respectable person to ever play the game of football. Since the tapes of him calling his teammate and fellow offensive lineman Jonathan Martin the N-word came out earlier this week, the media have spent hours talking about whether Incognito will play in the NFL ever again. Read More…

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