2015 MAB College Radio Station of the Year

Directors celebrating their 2015 MAB College Radio Station of the Year award.

Impact has a long history of being one of the nation’s largest college radio stations and is currently one of the largest in the country with over 300 students working or volunteering at the student-run media outlet broadcasting from the campus of Michigan State University (Holden Hall | G-4) in East Lansing, Michigan.

WDBM-FM (88.9 FM), is the successor to the Michigan State Network, which in the 1970s was the nation’s largest college carrier current radio network, and had studios in numerous MSU dormitories across campus. The Network was eventually consolidated to one carrier current station, WLFT (“The Left”), which broadcasted from the former WKAR-FM public radio studios on the third floor of the MSU Auditorium Building which would become the first home of WDBM.

WLFT was almost like a cable service for radio. There were individual studios in various MSU dorms that broadcasted music through telephone wire and in each dorm room were telephone jacks that students could plug speakers into. They could then listen and call in requests, just like at WDBM today.

WDBM began broadcasting in 1989, but the station was originally licensed by the FCC with the call letters WBDM in November 1987. As the story goes, someone early on incorrectly wrote the call letters down as WDBM. Marketing and promotional items were then created with the incorrect letters. After the mistake was discovered, the station found that the WDBM letters were available and applied to the FCC to make the change, and the new letters were granted in February 1989.

Directors posing at the 2014 Homecoming Parade.

Directors posing at the 2014 Homecoming Parade.

MSU’s rich history of student radio continued to flourish through the 1990s as the station grew into one of the few student-run college radio stations to broadcast 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year. In 2004, Impact was the nation’s first college station to broadcast in HD Radio. From 1999 until today, Impact is proud to have compiled an unprecedented 12 College Radio Station of the Year distinctions from the Michigan Association of Broadcasters and Broadcast Music, Inc. Nationally, Impact has also been nominated and awarded numerous times from the likes of CMJCollege Broadcasters, Inc. and mtvU as a part of their national competitions.

The reason Impact has been able to consistently succeed and flourish annually in college radio that has seen adversity nationally, is a result of the station’s evolvement into much more than being simply a radio station. Impact will always be a radio station at the core, but as media has changed, Impact has grown along with the transformations to offer the audience the content associated with the station’s rich history across multiple platforms.

Directors posing at the 2014 Homecoming Parade.

While only a portion of Impact’s student volunteers and employees are singularly involved in FM music or DJing, most still keep a hand in the on-air music while attacking new fields of media. From shooting and editing professional video in-studios and interviews, to covering all 23 Spartan sports teams as a part of one of the largest student-run sports media outlets in the country, to managing our own in-house marketing, promotions, community relations and engineering departments, Impact offers a place for any student, of any major, with any career aspiration to flourish in a creative, engaging, professional and fun atmosphere.

To volunteer and/or to work at Impact you must be a Michigan State University student (undergraduate or graduate).