Secret Society – #11 – 4/30/14


Moose is back on Secret Society!

Fellow Impact Sports multimedia journalist, Romero Hardy, sat in on the podcast with host Bradley Allen to talk with the women’s ultimate frisbee club.

The hosts discovered the teammates their favorite extracurricular activities, and the relationships they have developed through ultimate frisbee.

Infamous, also known as InfaMoose, is the women’s ultimate frisbee club at Michigan State University. Allie Trudgeon (Trudge), Kappen (Crunch), Brittney Urich (Biebs) and Lindy Torvinen (LT) talked about their then upcoming regional tournament and their experience with ultimate frisbee. Moose finished fifth at their sectional tournament last month and qualified for regionals.

The team traveled to Chicago, Ill. to play in their final tournament of the season on April 26 and 27.

Bradley Allen is the Host of Secret Society for Impact Sports.

Romero Hardy is a multimedia journalist for Secret Society.

Photo: Michigan State University Women’s Ultimate Frisbee

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