Secret Society – #1 – 2/19/14


Michigan State men’s and women’s ultimate frisbee came into the studio with host Bradley Allen for the first episode of Secret Society.

Secret Society will be a regular podcast featuring guests representing MSU club sports. The first segment of every podcast will be focused on guest interviews about their sport and their team, while the second segment will consist of lighter questions that delve into the esoteric “secrets” of life on a club sports team at MSU.

MSU’s Max Bommarito and Jay Andreani of The Burning Couch and Michelle Rizor and Lindsay Kappen of Infamous tell us everything we need to know about Ultimate and much more!

Follow each team on Twitter @MSU_InfaMoose and @burning_couch and see highlights of the men’s team here!

Bradley Allen is the host of Secret Society for Impact Sports.

Photo: Michigan State Ultimate

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