Album Review: John Frusciante – Enclosure

John Frusciante is one of the most respected guitarists making music today, and as an audience we have watched him rise and fall, both musically and personally. From his work with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, to his solo albums, musically he has impressed audiences with his law defying guitar skills for years. On a personal level he has struggled with drug addiction and his band, but he has come out on top of it all. Enclosure embodies these ups and downs of his life. It isn’t just another solo album where he will create new gorgeous guitar solos and rhythms, this is Frusciante’s first attempt at a techno/electronica album. With a fresh start comes a fresh sound, something new and unexplored by such an artist.
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Exposure 4/15/14: COGS & Inside Out

Host Abbie Newton talks to Stefan Fletcher, who is in his forth and final term as the Council of Graduate Students President, about his presidency and plans for the future. Newly elected COGS president, Emily Bank, and former COGS president and Director of Student Health Education at Olin Health Center Dennis Martell join the conversation. We also talk about Lou Anna K. Simon’s President’s Report, Inside Out. The report follows nine MSU students for a year, giving us an inside look at the lives of some of the most dynamic Spartans.


Stefan Fletcher finishes fourth and final term of COGS Presidency, Emily Bank welcomed as new leader

MSU Graduate Student Stefan Fletcher is stepping down after four terms as the Council of Graduate Students President. Exposure host Abbie Newton has him, newly elected COGS President Emily Bank and COGS former President and now Director of Student Health Education at Olin Health Center, Dennis Martell, in the studio to talk about graduate student government, policy and the future.


Holy Shit – My Whole Life Story

Holy Shit is a musical project by Matt Fishbeck that sometimes features Ariel Pink. Our Jam of the Day, “My Whole Life Story” is sort of soothing and sounds a little bit like The Beatles.

Cloud Nothings – Strummin

Cloud Nothing’s just came out with a new album, Here and Nowhere Else, but today’s jam is a gem from his 2010 album. After a change in pace two minutes in the song, Dylan Baldi sings, “My baby’s been gone for 14 years/ The last time I saw her/ She was wearing only tears.” You can catch them play a show with Detroit natives Protomartyr, May 4th at the Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids.

Inside Out President’s Report: A look at the lives of nine Spartan students

Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon released her annual report a couple weeks ago. Last year, the report was called Spartans Will 360 and it showcased the work MSU professors and faculty were doing around the world. This year, the report was called Inside Out. It showcased the lives of 9 Michigan State students. A production team followed the students around for a full year as we began to understand what a Spartan life looks like. Three of these students and one student producer came on Exposure to talk about the experience.


Torch and Twang 4/15/2014

Progressive Torch & Twang is back with another four hours of Americana tunes! Tonight, we feature new music from Chatham County Line and Bobby Bare Jr., plus concert previews and all your requests.


Link Wray- Rawhide- T&T Intro

Rodney Crowell- Fever on the Bayou- Tarpaper Sky

Black Prairie- Let It Out- Let It Out

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Concert Review: St. Vincent’s Digital Witness Tour

The lights drop, the bass thumps, and on stage a black shadowy figure appears, all of a sudden the lights shoot up and there stands St. Vincent in all her glory ready to perform and say hello to her hundreds of fans. Although, the concert didn’t begin with a bang, but instead started off as a slow and treacherous escapade, I don’t regret any of the events that occurred.

One of the few events that made this concert different from other concerts is that the opening act did exactly the opposite of what their title entails, to not open for the main performer. Noveller, this show’s opening act, went on late, after all of us had situated ourselves in the proper positions best to catch a glimpse of Annie Clark. It would not have been that bad considering that we had all been listening to droning electronic music for the last hour and a half of this concert. The music was on constant repeat and at one point all the songs that were playing began to blur together; blood was beginning to get a little hot at this point. Not to bash Noveller or anything, but it when you keep an audience waiting for almost two hours for a random act that none of us really know, it makes tensions rise. What pained me the most was not only was Noveller a really great performer, but the attention span that most of had at the time was close to zero. When an artist that you have no idea who they are comes onto stage to play ambient music, you begin to question life. Questions like “You’ve got to be kidding me!?” or “When will this end?” began to fill the minds of not only myself but as well as the vocal people around me.
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