5 Biggest Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Snubs

If you’ve ever been to Cleveland, you’ve been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. If you’ve ever been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, you can probably see why the Sex Pistols called it a “piss stain.” It’s just a big retirement home for a classic rock circlejerk so a bunch of old geezers who have nothing better to do but determine whether they’re Beatles or Stones people or whether Peart or Bonham is the better drummer. Nothing reflects the rebellious, stick-it-to-the-man attitude of rock music like an expensive museum that is exclusive to a select few artists per year, right? The people that run this anti-establishment establishment might overthinking the art of music a little bit, don’t you think? Yes, we see the irony in the list that we’re about to unveil, but who doesn’t love a good opportunity for a scathing listicle that ridicules The Man? Here are 5 artists that are apparently aren’t as good as Hall & Oates and ABBA…not that we care or anything.

5. T. Rex – 21 Years Eligible, 0 Years Nominated
It seems that any discussion on rock music, T. Rex is always overlooked. Marc Bolan and company transcended folk, invented glam, and influenced generations of musicians, from David Bowie, The Ramones, The Smiths, REM, to The Black Keys.
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Night Beats – Hidden Circle

You might think you need to get your eyes checked after watching the latest music video from Night Beats. Or maybe it was alllll just a dream? Regardless this video and track are pretty psychedelic. The aptly named, Reverberation Appreciation Society just put out their new album Sonic Bloom. Pick it up at your local record store today!

Pity Party Playlist – 4/9/14

Now, Now – Prehistoric

Polar Bear Club – Pawner

Basement – Whole

Daylight – Sponge

American Football – The Summer Ends

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Sunny Dayz Playlist

The Sun wearing sunglasses?! That’s wacky! Who thinks of this stuff?

Now here’s something us Michiganders haven’t seen in a while: the Sun. With less than a month left of classes before summer, here are some tunes to blast as you throw on your shorts, sprint outside, and bathe in the sun. As the cool kids say – “Sun’s out, guns out”

Playlist by Alex Byers

The Basement 4/10/14

hard lessons

Had an awesome night on The Basement this week as we brought it East Lansing natives The Hard Lessons to play a live semi-acoustic set before their homecoming show tonight at Macs Bar. Also joining us was Kalamazoo rockers King Median playing some live tunes, they even brought in an organ! Finally we had East Lansing staple Jerry Sprauge and The Spragues come in to talk about recent happenings. The playlist is below:

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Album Spotlight: These New Puritans – Field of Reeds

Experimentation within popular music leads artists to seek influence from all manner of diverse musical forms with classical music in particular being one of pop’s primary flirtations. Embellishment of neoclassicism in particular has led to successful artistic endeavors such as Talk Talk’s beautifully realized 1998 classic ‘Spirit Of Eden’ yet during the 00’s it became cliché for the large wave of indie guitar bands to include string sections on there indulgent sophomore LPs.

However an interesting proposition comes in the form of a band who began as a 00s indie guitar band yet over the course of three albums transitioned into being essentially an entirely neo-classical ensemble; ‘Field of Reeds’ is the third album from Southend-On-Sea trio ‘These New Puritans’, who’s latest opus perfectly encapsulates the band’s staggering ambition and boundless experimentation.
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Exposure 4/8/14: Mental Health

In lieu of Mental Health Awareness Week on Michigan State’s campus, Host Abbie Newton delves into the topic of mental health. She speaks with Director of Student Health Education at Olin Health Center Dennis Martell about the prevalence of mental health illnesses on campus. She also has several students share personal stories about mental health. Among them, Jill Passanante, Zach DeRade, Marisa Martini and James Conwell.


Oneohtrix Point Never Concert Review

It had been a long time since I was last at a concert in Detroit and longer still since I had seen an electronic act in the area. For the most part, rap and metal were the two mainstays I’d see live in Metropolitan Detroit. So when I heard that experimental electronic artist Oneohtrix Point Never was not only performing in the city but doing so in a venue I had never been to, it was almost too quick the way I grabbed up tickets.

It wasn’t that I was worried that they’d sell out. As much as I’d like more people to appreciate the cut up and sampled rhythms that Oneohtrix has made famous on his 9 records so far, his presence only stands tall in the oft ignored subgenre of ambient electronica. For me, I wanted the tickets as a souvenir for a night of many firsts. It was the first concert I would be seeing in the actual city of Detroit, my first Oneohtrix show, the first time seeing the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) used as a venue, and the first time I took a shot of Serbian vodka from a guy covered in face tattoos who kept shouting “I LOVE THIS JAM” when the intermission music came on between acts.
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