Jam of the Day 2/25/15: “Ever Have a Little Faith?”

Belle and Sebastian just released their 9th album in 20 years, Girls in Peacetime Want To Dance. While their last two or three albums have shifted to a more alternative sound, this disco-y album could be considered a dance record, with the exception of “Ever Have A Little Faith”” which has a very noticeably different sound than the rest of the songs. Sweet and folksy, both the encouraging lyrics and the bright chords bring a bit of warmth to these cold, bleak days that we’ve been having. Enjoy!

Words by Martha Kaser

Torch and Twang 2/24/15

Local Michigan State artist Monte Pride II joins Torch and Twang at 9pm for an interview and a live performance! Tweet us at @TorchandTwang with your questions for Monte, as well as with your requests throughout the show! New music comes at 10, followed by a Happy 26th Birthday to the Impact at 11.

It all starts at 8, only on the Progressive Torch and Twang!

Stream an excerpt of Monte Pride II’s interview and performance right here:

Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues

Johnny Cash – Out among the Stars


Sturgill Simpson – Life of Sin

Lake Street Dive – Stop your Crying

Jim White vs The Packway Handle Band – Not a Song


St. Paul & The Broken Bones – Like a Mighty River

Josh Hoyer and the Shadowboxers – A Man Who Believes His Own Lies

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Album Review: I Love You, Honeybear

Josh Tillman has been a busy man, if not a tad bit indecisive. While nurturing a persistent solo artist career, the singer-songwriter has worked with acclaimed indie bands: the post-rock outfit Saxon Shore and the swirling baroque indie kings themselves, Fleet Foxes. After releasing the well-received 2012 solo effort Fear Fun under the pseudonym Father John Misty, Tillman had critics excitedly anticipating what the multi-instrumentalist would record next. Now, the wait is over, as Father John Misty drops the sanguinely titled album, I Love You, Honeybear.

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Universal Beat – 02/23/2015


Universal Beat Playlist 02/23/2015

This week on the Universal Beat, DJ 6foot7 took a different approach and decided to hot it theme-less! Crazy right?? Well with Universal Beat being Impacts very own World Music Show, he decided to give tonights show a whole new approach and provide all kinds of world music without having to focus on a particular theme. However, his love and expertise for Afrobeat and Afrofunk came alive to end the show!

Tonights Playlist is uploaded as a link with this post! Thanks for tuning in and see you next Week!

Album Review: If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

As someone who was a big fan of Degrassi and watched Drake play the role of Jimmy, the wheelchair bound basketball star, the release of Jungle had nothing but great expectations. On the morning of Thursday, February 12, when the actor-turned-rapper released the short film, it brought upon major speculation that Drake was going to release new music very soon. The 14-minute long video showed Drake in his element in his hometown of Toronto. It indicated that no matter where life takes him, Toronto will always hold a special place in his heart.

If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late dropped 15 hours later, causing all sorts of buzz on social media outlets. I, too, was really pumped to see what the mixtape consisted of. Seventeen songs later, I was in awe. Read More…

“The Cager” Premiere Showcases Local Consolidated Entrepreneurial Efforts

Almost exactly 24 hours after the Oscars concluded in Los Angeles, a young group of advantageous entrepreneurs held their own private red-carpet gala at NCG Eastwood Cinemas in Lansing to celebrate the completion of their own cinematic work. “The Cager”, a 25-minute film written and directed by current MSU basketball guard Keenan Wetzel and starring former MSU standout turned Los Angeles-based actor, Delvon Roe, was the centerpiece of Lansing’s own version of a Hollywood premiere.

The swank celebration and the short film tuned out to be more about the combined abilities of a whole cast and crew and the effort that it took to individually and locally produce a short film than about its two stars.

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Jam of the Day: “Begin Again”

Hailing from Edmonton of the Great White North, a little electronic duo – Megan James and Corin Roddick – under the guise “Purity Ring” dropped the critically-acclaimed album Shrines back in 2012. If you are anything like me, this album completely changed your life in every way possible. It was the go-to soundtrack for a party, a chill sesh with your friends, or a nice relaxing bonfire. The past two years have been pretty quiet for Purity Ring, and we’ve seen a lot of electronic wannabe duos attempt to mimic the sound they so perfectly crafted, but the real thing is back, and I couldn’t be more excited. Their second single “Begin Again” off of their sophomore album Another Eternity (set for release March 3) brings a much clearer sound to the table; the dark, menacing basslines that lurked throughout Shrines have all but been replaced with a much more ethereal atmosphere. It’s clear that Purity Ring has branched out and matured – but are we all willing to embrace the fact that we will never have another Shrines?

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Asian Music Mondays – 2/23/2015

This week on Asian Music Mondays Jess will be introducing Lulu and Tie to the show! These two are learning the behind the scenes of Asian Music Mondays and learning how to host the show.  Lulu and Tie took the time to make tonight’s playlist and it’s really awesome to have a diversity of music taste since there are different genres in Asia! You’ll hear from various artists such as Twins, Yayra, Super Junior, Mai Kuraki, Mayday and much more! You can always call in at 517-884-8989 to request your favorites from Asia.  Don’t forget you can also follow us on Twitter at ImpactAMM and like us on Facebook at Impact Asian Music Mondays. Tune into Asian Music Mondays on 88.9FM or at impact89fm.org to follow along our live stream and our playlist! You won’t want to miss Asian Music Mondays!

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