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Exposure 5.6.14: Abbie Newtons Final Episode

Exposure 5.6.14: Abbie Newton’s Final Episode

May 6, 2014

Host Abbie Newton celebrates almost two years as Exposure Director during her last show. She highlights the best of the year and welcomes new Exposure Director Steven Rich to the radio waves.

Micro-Distilling in Michigan

May 6, 2014

Reporter Steven Rich explores the growing business of micro-distilling of spirits with the owners of Sleepwalker spirits and ales, Matt Jason & Jeremy Sprague, and MSU Professor of Artisan Distilling,...

Sexposure 4.29.14: Sensuality

April 29, 2014

Exposure Host Abbie Newton welcomes Sexperts Dr. Dennis Martell, Dr. Tina Timm, Jenelle Marie and Kevin Bator to the studio to talk about sensuality, kissing and sensory attraction on Sexposure.

O.A.R. Drummer, Chris Culos, Talks Performing, Microbrews, Comfort Food

April 23, 2014

Lansing had its annual Microbrew and Music Festival on April 18 and April 19. There were over 100 performing musicians and over 200 microbrews. O.A.R. took center stage at the festival. Exposure host...

Is Multitasking Bad For Us?

April 23, 2014

As students are approaching Exam week, they find themselves studying, catching up on work, figuring out summer plans, subleasing apartments and well...multitasking. Our reporter, Sarah Torrico delved...

MSU Students Produce Documentary that Brings Awareness to Sexual Assault

April 23, 2014

Every two minutes, a person is sexually assaulted in the United States. A group of student documentary film makers at Michigan State took this fact to heart and created a documentary about sexual assault,...

Understanding the Organ Donation Process

April 23, 2014

Everyone above the age of 16 years old is asked an important question in the United States. “Do you want to be an organ donor?” Our reporter, Carmen Scruggs was curious what happens after you say...

Special Report: Squirrels on Campus

April 23, 2014

Squirrels can be seen everywhere on Michigan State's campus. Some students laugh as they scurry about, some students offer them food, while one student even trained a squirrel as her pet. Reporter Alsha...

Exposure 4/22/14: O.A.R., Every Two Minutes, Squirrels, Multi-Tasking and Organ Donation

April 23, 2014

Host Abbie Newton chats with O.A.R. drummer Chris Culos about the band's performance at the Lansing Microbrew and Music Festival. Kirk Mason and Lauren Swanson, two Michigan State students, come to the...

Newscast 4/18/14

Gabby Saldivia April 20, 2014

On Friday's newscast: Russian vs.Ukrainian conflict, mass shooting at Jewish Community Center, Lansing man faces 55 years in prison, Spartan Sportswrap, weekend weather report, music update, Lansing...

Exposure 4/15/14: COGS & Inside Out

April 15, 2014

Host Abbie Newton talks to Stefan Fletcher, who is in his forth and final term as the Council of Graduate Students President, about his presidency and plans for the future. Newly elected COGS president,...

Inside Out President’s Report: A Look at the Lives of Nine Spartan Students

April 15, 2014

Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon released her annual report a couple weeks ago. Last year, the report was called Spartans Will 360 and it showcased the work MSU professors and faculty...

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