Way It Goes | Hippo Campus


Calling all 90’s souls with Doc Martens on! Degenerate, counter-culture socialists! Imagine a life in which everything could be justified by a simple explanation: “Well that’s the way it goes.” This notion is what gives Hippo Campus’ new song its charm.

“Way It Goes” is a breathable weave of textures with sultry lead vocals, reverberating guitar and echoing backup harmonies. Here listeners will find the comfort and cheer of a sip of iced tea, a car driven top-down, sunshine after a week of gloom, and a reminder to fret not, because “Lord knows we’re trying.”

You can pre-order the album Landmark at http://www.hippocampusband.com/ to receive an instant download of “Way It Goes.” Landmark will be available on Feb 24.

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