Thee Hourz O’ Power – 3/16/17


10 PM

Judas Priest – Breaking The Law

Crime – Highway Robbery

Slayer – Black Magic

Havok – Hang’em High

Exodus – Metal Command

Dissection – Where Dead Angels Lie

Skeletonwitch – Black Waters

Wolfheart – World on Fire

Inquisition – Wings of Anu

Amorphis – Shining

Blind Guardian – Welcome To Dying

Amon Amarth – War Of The Gods


11 PM

Death – Open Casket

Obituary – Sentence Day

Autopsy – Charred

Angel Witch – Angel Witch [request]

Onrik – The Pantheon of the Tempter

Grimfaug – P.O.I.S.O.N.

Mastodon – Naked Burn

Dark Fortress – Ylem

Obscura – Sermon Of The Seven Sons

Decapitated -Winds Of Creation

Ascended Dead – Blood Thirst

The Wounded Kings – Bleeding Sky


12 AM

Anomalie – Vision I: Towards The Sun

Anomalie – Vision II: The Wanderer

Anomalie – Vision III: A Monument

Anomalie – Vision IV: Illumination

Anomalie – Vision V: Starless Nights

Anomalie – Vision VI: White Forest

Anomalie – Vision VII: One With The Soil


1 AM

Black Sabbath – Children Of The Grave

Cold Fell – Skull Crushed Against Salford Cobblestones

Carcass – Heartwork

Evocation – Children of Stone

Cynic – How Could I

Venenum – The Nature of the Ground

Entartung – Resurrectio Mortuorum

Pallbearer – The Legend

Electric Wizard – Funeralopolis

Metallica – Fade To Black

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