Tally Hall

The Basement – 7/25/13

Thanks all for tuning in! Here’s tonight’s playlist:

The Catholic School A/V Club – Three’s A Crowd

Way To Fall – Summer Symphony

Valentiger – Leaving Town

Charlevoix – Has Been

The Skies Revolt – For Your Health Read More…

Tally Hall stops by to see some Grand Rapidians!

For Impact 89FM, my name is J.Wiz, and we are here at the Intersection in Grand Rapids with two friends from Tally Hall, guys, why don’t you introduce yourselves for us.

Zubin Sedghi (blue tie): I’m Z-intellect.

Ross Federman (gray tie) : I’m Ross,  I don’t have a DJ name.


Z: You actually do have a DJ name!

F: ..I do have a DJ name.

Read More…

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