Asian Invasion 02/24/2014

Tonight we’re hanging out in the studio with Tangel and Jason, we’ll also hear from Love X Stereo, Glen Check, and Rock ‘N Roll Radio, who will be playing live at The Pike Room in Pontiac on Tuesday, March 24!

You can also check out Mayday live in Chicago at the Auditorium Theatre on Monday, March 24th!

Love X Stereo – “Fly Over”
Glen Check – “I’ve Got This Feeling”
Rock ‘N Roll Radio – “One Week”
The Flowers – “穷开心 / Pure Happy”
T-ara – “나 어떡해 / (Do You Know Me) What Should I Do?”
Magic Power – “不按牌理出牌/ Unexpected Move”
Girls Generation – “My Oh My”
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Asian Invasion 02/17/2014

Tonight we’ll hear from some of the Korean Music Awards nominees, as well as some indie groups coming to North America in March for the SXSW Music Festival!  We’ll also hear from Mayday 五月天, who will also be coming to America this March for their Now Here World Tour, and you can still get tickets to see them in Chicago at the Auditorium Theatre!

ICT is still accepting applications for their International Corporate Tour of China this summer!  Students of all majors are welcome to join, and the trip will last two weeks from Hong Kong to Shanghai, find more information on the Broad College of Business website!

Mayday – “洋蔥 / Onion”
G.A.B (Gil & BoA) – “G.A.B”
Glen Check – “Pacific” (soundcloud)
San E – “어디서 잤어 / Where Did You Sleep Last (feat. Verbal Jint, Swings)”
Neon Bunny – “Long-D” (bandcamp)
G-Dragon – “삐닥하게 / Crooked”
4minute – “이름이 뭐예요? / What’s Your Name?”
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