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Staff Year End List: Program Director Kyle Pacynski’s Top 10 Albums of 2013

What a great year 2013 was for music. At least if you look in the right places. Music for the sake of shock value may have spread across the mainstream, but the Impact is here to quell your agitation with the best new music out there. So here is my list for the Top 10 Albums of 2013

1. A Great Big Pile of LeavesYou’re Always On My Mind

The sophomore release from AGBPOL continues to purport their signature style of nostalgia-based, care-free indie rock. Though they seemed to have dropped the underlying mathy inspiration, they’ve created a very stripped-down, lick-based record that doesn’t stray from what fans crave.

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Surfer Blood – I Was Wrong

West Palm Beach, Florida’s Surfer Blood are back with their new album Pythons which came out last week. Pythons is a perfect example of a sophomore release; refining the band’s sound while maintaining their core attitudes and original stylings. The new album is on track for Top 20 of 2013 lists everywhere. With a cleaner and tighter sound, the rather short album (10 songs in 32 minutes) will get stuck in your head and have you bobbing along for days. Check out the song “I Was Wrong” off the 2013 album Pythons below. Read More…

Surfer Blood – I’m Not Ready

Straight out of West Palm Beach, Florida, Surfer Blood makes the kind of surf rock that’s not really considered surf rock. The upbeat, yet chilled out rock music that practically forces you to bob your head along has a way of getting inside your head and rocking you for the following few days. There really isn’t much out there quite like these guys, meaning their about to become one of your new favorite bands. Plus they’ve got a new album coming out next month, so that’s pretty cool. Check out the song “I’m Not Ready” off their latest EP Tarot Classics below. Read More…

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