Release the Stigma

Exposure 4/8/14: Mental Health

In lieu of Mental Health Awareness Week on Michigan State’s campus, Host Abbie Newton delves into the topic of mental health. She speaks with Director of Student Health Education at Olin Health Center Dennis Martell about the prevalence of mental health illnesses on campus. She also has several students share personal stories about mental health. Among them, Jill Passanante, Zach DeRade, Marisa Martini and James Conwell.


Mental Health Awareness Week 2014: April 7 to April 12

Mental health illnesses are increasingly becoming more prominent on college campuses. As mental health is vital in our lives, the MSU and East Lansing community have come together for the inaugural Mental Health Awareness Week. Themed, “Release the Stigma,” the week will shed light on the importance of mental health, as well as the prevalence of mental health illnesses on campus. Various events, activities and conversations will be put on during the week. Together, we stand as Spartans and Release the Stigma. Complete information can be found on the Facebook page.

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