Local Theater Strives to Inspire Change in Youth

By Audrey Matusz

In 1994, the year Nelson Mandela was elected president of South Africa, he said “the greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

Bert Goldstein, producer and director  of “Master Harold”…and the boys for the Wharton Center, hopes this play will encourage audiences to reflect on the continuing racial injustice in the United States and undergo a self examination. Goldstein especially wants young audience members to realize that there is much more work to be done for human rights.

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Exposure 6.24.14

To celebrate the official start of summer, Station Manager Gabriela Saldivia takes over to highlight some of the best features of the year. We revisit stories such as Adventures with Batman, Feminism Across Race, an interview with Lansing Jazz group, the Peter Nelson Quartet and much more.

Additionally, Reporter Carmen Scruggs spoke to MSU Assistant Professor and Climatologist, Nathan Moore about the mysterious El Niño and what to expect from it this year.

Exposure 6.03.14: Equality

For the Equality episode of Exposure, host Steven Rich brings forward a wide range of issues.  Zach Wahls, the Co-Founder of Scouts for Equality, a gay-rights scouting organization, called in to discuss the impact of the Boy Scouts of America’s policy on gay members and leaders. MSU Professor and esteemed author, Julia Grant sat down to discuss her new book, The Boy Problem, and the challenges that poor and minority boys face in education. Lastly, Steven was joined by a panel of fellow students and faculty to discuss trace racial equality history at MSU, as well as the achievements and challenges that today’s minority students face.

Feminism across race, still a long way to go

Feminism is something that should be accessible to all people. But sometimes, a mainstream movement excludes certain groups of people. Impact reporter Meg Abebe explored the idea of intersectionality within feminism for Impact’s gender episode of Exposure. Read More…

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