Afterglow 11/4/2012

Seems like the Afterglow started early this week! Sit or Spin was kind enough to play some solid stuff before I came on tonight… Post rock and some other chill tunes. And there’s plenty more to come. Check out the playlist going up live below.

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Afterglow 10/21/2012

Prepare for two hours of awesome, the Afterglow’s drifting into the airwaves tonight. Still warm enough for the robe and slippers in the studio, so I’m rockin’ ‘em. The playlist goes up live below, so keep your refreshing finger handy!

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Afterglow 10/14/2012

Sit or Spin was kind enough to introduce us this week with some floaty space music. Now that they’ve taken care of the blast-off, all we have to float. The playlist is going up live below, for those of you playing at home.

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Afterglow 7/15/2012

The Flashbulb - Opus at the End of Everything

Exerting considerable influence on electromagnetic oscillations which are converted via electroacoustic transducers into sound waves meant to induce relaxation in human subjects. A muggy summer night, let’s chill out a little with some Afterglow. The itinerary of auditory experiences is being updated in real time below.

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